Patti Jo Medley Harding

Family: Hemings-Madison

Location (at interview): Chillicothe, OH

Patti Jo Harding became the family historian and, with the help of her cousin Diana Redman and Getting Word consultant, Beverly Gray, has been gathering information from courthouses and graveyards to understand the rich history of her family.  She was present at the very first Getting Word interview, with other members of her family.  She said, “Everybody keeps talking about Thomas Jefferson, … but I’d like to find out more about Sally.”


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Interview Information

28 Dec. 1993, Chillicothe, OH
Interviewees: George Pettiford, Jacqueline Pettiford, Ann Medley, Patti Jo Harding, Tony Medley

19 July 1995, Chillicothe, OH
Interviewees: Diana Redman, Rosemary Ghoston
Also present: Patti Jo Harding, Monica Steed, Beverly Gray, Terry Leonard