Diana Redman

Dates Alive: 1948-

Family: Hemings-Madison

Location (at interview): Gahanna, OH

Diana Redman graduated from Ohio State University and works in the Ohio Department of Human Services. After she won a Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest in high school, her grandmother Ida Mae Young Redman told her of her connection to Thomas Jefferson. She has a love of history, especially about the lives and contributions of “everyday” people, and is proud of her family: “Whatever you want to do, the family is here to support and help you accomplish what you want.”


Interview Information

19 July 1995, Chillicothe, OH
Interviewee: Diana Redman
Also present: Rosemary Ghoston, Beverly Gray, Patti Jo Harding, Terry Leonard, Indiga Medley, Monica Steed