Nancy Lee

Dates Alive: 1904-1995

Family: Hemings-Madison

Occupation: Social services supervisor

Nancy Harriet Lee, daughter of Mary Elizabeth Butler and Thomas F. Lee, was raised in Bloomingburg, OH.  She attended the University of Pittsburgh, intending to be a teacher, but could not fulfill her requirement as a practice teacher because of racial quotas.  After this “shocking experience,” she turned instead to social work, ultimately obtaining a master’s degree.  She rose high in the Juvenile and the Domestic Relations court systems in Pittsburgh, becoming the first black supervisor in the former.  She received numerous community awards and led the drive to fund Pitt’s African Heritage Classroom.  She was inspired by Mary McLeod Bethune’s principle, “Each one help one” and once said, “That’s the way we always were as a family, helping each other.”


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Interview Information

12 Feb. 1994, Pittsburgh, PA (by telephone)
Interviewee: Nancy Lee
Interviewer: Dr. John Hewitt