Clara Lee Fisher

Dates Alive: 1962-

Family: Hemings-Madison

Location (at interview): Washington, PA

Clara Fisher, artist and counselor for a non-profit social service agency, is the mother of two boys and a graduate of Duquesne University. Her father, Edward James Lee, died when she was only eight. She remembers helping him in his vegetable garden and accompanying him on his rounds as a constable, serving subpoenas.  She said, “My father always told me that Thomas Jefferson was his great-great-grandfather.” She is thus only four generations removed from Madison Hemings of Monticello. In 2009, a letter she wrote to Jefferson on the occasion of Barack Obama’s inauguration was published in Newsweek magazine.


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Interview Information

26 Jan. 2001, Charlottesville, VA
Interviewee: Clara Fisher
Also present: David Fisher, Zachary Fisher, David Fisher, Sr.