Lester B. Diggs

Dates Alive: 1939-2019

Family: Evans, Scott

Location (at interview): Courtland, AL

Lester B. Diggs, who has lived in Courtland his whole life, attended Alabama State University and worked for Reynolds Metals Company. Through his mother, Minnie Lee Young Diggs, he is descended from Reuben and Susan Scott, enslaved foreman and domestic servant, brought to northern Alabama by Jefferson’s great-grandson William Stuart Bankhead in 1846.

Diggs grew up on a farm owned by the Hotchkiss family, who are Bankhead descendants, and he describes cotton cultivation in his interview. He also recalls meeting Martin Luther King in 1956 in Montgomery, shortly after King’s house was fire-bombed.


  • Jupiter
  • Susan Scott
  • Mildred Scott Young
    1848–post 1930
  • Lester B. Diggs

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Interview Information

1996 Nov. 11, Courtland, AL
Interviewees: Lester B. Diggs, Johnny James Young