Eliga Diggs

Dates Alive: 1935-

Family: Evans, Scott

Location (at interview): Courtland, AL

Through his mother, Minnie Lee Young Diggs, Eliga Diggs is descended from Reuben and Susan Scott, enslaved foreman and domestic servant, brought to northern Alabama by Jefferson’s great-grandson William Stuart Bankhead in 1846.  From the age of eight Diggs had to work hard on the family tenant farm, on land rented from Bankhead’s descendants, the Hotchkiss family.  He served two years in the U. S. Army, had various construction jobs, and was a control room operator at a paper mill when he retired.  He has been active in local civic organizations and once ran for mayor of North Courtland. 

Eliga and Doris Owens Diggs have four children, one of whom married professional baseball player Gary Redus.   While he didn’t hear stories of the Scotts, he remembers hearing about his great-grandmother Mildred Scott Young, who loved roses: “The roses are still at the old home site there.”


  • Jupiter
  • Susan Scott
  • Mildred Scott Young
    1848 – post 1930
  • Eliga Diggs

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