Zeta Brown Nichols

Dates Alive: 1933-2019

Family: Hern

Location (at interview): Keswick, VA

Zeta Brown Nichols grew up in Keswick, just east of Charlottesville. She shared memories of life in the area in the 1940s and 50s. Like many others in the Hern family, she became a teacher, initially in a one-room schoolhouse in western Albemarle County and later at Albemarle Training School. She learned of her connection to Monticello from her aunt Martha Hearns Boston, also a teacher.  


  • David Hern
    1755–post 1827
  • Moses Hern
    1779–post 1832
  • David Hern
    1803–post 1829
  • Zeta Brown Nichols

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Interview Information

12 July 2000, Charlottesville, VA
Interviewees: Zeta Brown Nichols, Cynthia Stratton
Also present: Ella Hoffman