William Cunningham

Dates Alive: 1917-2010

Family: Fossett, Hemings, Hern

Location (at interview): Chillicothe, OH

William Cunningham, who worked for many years for the Meade Corporation, was living at the time of his interview in the house in which he was born, across the street from the house lived in by his great-grandparents Tucker and Ann-Elizabeth Isaacs.  He participated in the Getting Word project to honor his mother, Ann Elizabeth Isaacs Cunningham, who attended Boston Music School and was a church organist.  He and his wife, Mae Catherine Wingo, raised six children.  When asked how he felt about Thomas Jefferson, he replied “I would like to know more about Mary Hemings than hear all the talk about him.”


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Interview Information

29 Dec. 1993, Chillicothe, OH
Interviewee: William Cunningham

19 July 1995, Chillicothe, OH
Interviewees: William Cunningham, Wilmetta Cunningham Austin