Shay Banks-Young

Dates Alive: 1944-2016

Family: Hemings-Madison

Location (at interview): Columbus, OH

Shay Banks-Young was a radio and TV personality and poet in Columbus, Ohio. After genetic testing in 1998 established a connection between Madison Hemings’s brother Eston and Thomas Jefferson, she went on the Oprah Winfrey show and met Eston’s descendant Julia Jefferson Westerinen.  Following that encounter, Banks-Young and Westerinen brought a discussion of racial issues, titled “A Conversation in Black and White,” to audiences around the country.


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Interview Information

31 May 1996, Columbus, OH
Interviewee: Shay Banks-Young
Interviewer: Beverly Gray

19 July 2000, Charlottesville, VA
Interviewees: Shay Banks-Young, Julia Jefferson Westerinen