Ozella Barnaby Harvey

Dates Alive: -2010

Family: Coleman

Location (at interview): Washington, DC

Ozella Harvey and four other descendants of Monticello gatekeeper Eliza Tolliver Coleman were interviewed together in 1995. All live in the Washington, DC, area and work (or worked) in various departments of the federal government. They shared their memories of Eliza Coleman’s daughters Lucy Coleman Barnaby Page and Grace Coleman Harris and recalled summers spent at the Monticello gatehouse. Members of the extended Coleman family lived at Monticello for more than a century—far longer than any of the property’s owners.


  • Thomas Coleman
    ca. 1808–1888
  • Thomas Coleman
    1845–post 1910
  • Lucy Coleman Barnaby
  • Ozella Barnaby Harvey

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Interview Information

28 Apr. 1995, Mitchellsville, MD
Interviewees: Anne Slaughter, Ozella Harvey, Barbara Graves, Ereselle Brooke, Maxcine Sterling
Also present: Karen Branson-Butler, Jay Slaughter