Lloyd Hughes, Sr.

Dates Alive: 1922-2006

Family: Granger, Hemings, Hughes

Location (at interview): Marshall, VA

In 1996, four generations of the Hughes family of Fauquier County came to Monticello soon after learning of their descent from Rev. Robert Hughes of Union Run Baptist Church and head gardener Wormley Hughes of Monticello. The connection might have been broken because their ancestor, also Wormley Hughes (1851-1901), left Albemarle County with the Union army in the confusion at the end of the Civil War.

Lloyd Hughes, a lifelong resident of Fauquier County, VA, served in the U. S. Army in World War II and afterward worked as a carpenter and cook. He was proud of how his daughter Karen White’s research made the connection to Monticello and recalled his father, John Henry Hughes, who worked with horses and as a gardener, as did his Monticello ancestor:  “Gardening, it all comes back to that, yard and gardening.”


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Interview Information

18 July 1996, Charlottesville, VA
Interviewees: Lloyd Hughes, Sr., Ethel Hughes Bolden, Angela Hughes Davidson, Lloyd Hughes, Jr., Timothy Hughes, Karen Hughes White